Wall Cladding


Clad-IT install a range of wall cladding systems to both new build commercial and industrial buildings and for refurbishment of existing buildings.

Wall Cladding – Thermal Insulation and Weather Resistance – for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Wall Cladding is best understood as “a material applied over another material to provide a skin or layer, which is aimed at maximising thermal insulation and weather resistance”.

Controlled internal environment

While protecting the building from external conditions and enhancing its appearance, a controlled ‘airtight’ internal environment is also created. Other important benefits include an improvement to security and privacy, and preventing the transmission of sound or the spread of fire. Openings for access, daylight and ventilation are also provided.

Transfers external loads back to the structural framework

The material components of Wall Cladding are attached as external surfaces to the primary structure of a building, which are non-structural and would usually not contribute to its stability. This is different to buildings in which the external surfaces are formed by structural elements, such as masonry walls.

Wall Cladding, however, does perform an important structural role by transferring external loads back to the structural framework, such as wind loads, impact loads, and its own material load weight.

Improves energy efficiency and lowers running costs

A Wall Cladding system, which is custom created from materials designed and installed to the highest quality standards and industry specification can improve a building’s energy efficiency and lower running costs, by:

  • Increasing thermal insulation
  • Reducing air leakage
  • Increasing natural daylight

Integral properties and components

As a result, a wall cladding design needs to factor in a number of integral properties and components, including the

integrity and continuity of the insulation, control of air leakage and condensation, the prevention of water penetration and  the spread of fire. Other important aspects will involve cleaning, maintenance, remedial work and renewal.

What to look for when considering wall cladding

Today’s advanced wall cladding materials and technology require that many aspects of a building must be careful considered to ensure the chosen application will provide the desired outcome.

The key aspects of a building to be evaluated should include:

  • Building Use
  • Accessibility and Ease of Installation
  • Structural and Durability requirements
  • Building Regulations including Appearance
  • Planning Requirements
  • Local Environment
  • Internal and External conditions
  • Maintenance requirements

Wall Cladding

Clad-IT install a range of wall cladding systems to both new build commercial and industrial buildings and for refurbishment of existing buildings. Wall cladding systems can be installed both as insulated wall cladding systems or as just as a single skin overlay dependant on the buildings requirements.

Wall cladding designs can be achieved in traditional corrugated / trapezoidal cladding or in the latest micro-rib and flat finished designs.

Wall cladding panels can be finished in a range of RAL / BS Colours and are also supplied in Metallic / Prisma finishes for more high-end designs.

Working in both the new build and refurbishment market Clad-IT provide wall cladding services including:

  • Wall over-cladding to asbestos sheeted walls
  • Asbestos wall cladding removal / new insulated wall cladding
  • Single skin anti-condensation wall cladding for unheated buildings
  • Overcladding to brickwork / stone walling with or without insulation
  • Architectural insulated wall panels to new build units
  • Standard trapezoidal insulated wall panel installations

Whatever your wall cladding requirements, from a detailed site survey Clad-IT can provide you with a range of wall cladding products, designs and installation techniques to suit our clients thermal requirements and budget. Clad-IT have installed wall cladding to many sites and site visits to review the product, workmanship and design can be arranged.

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