Experts in Asbestos Roof Refurbishments

Whether you are looking to overclad or strip and replace your asbestos roof covering, you are in safe hands at Clad-It. Since 2004 Clad-It have been an industry leading asbestos roof refurbishment contractor working on live sites across the UK.

Asbestos Roofing

At Clad-It, we have a highly experienced technical department, contracts department, and workforce dedicated to the refurbishment and replacement of asbestos roofing systems. When selecting a roofing contractor for asbestos roofing works, it is paramount to pre-qualify key areas to ensure experience and suitability to execute these works.

Here are the key areas to consider:

•  The site is set up to H&S guidelines.
•  The correct control measures have been put in place.
•  The workforce individually holds the correct certification(s).
•  The company has the correct insurance for working with asbestos.
•  The roof structure has been surveyed and calculations completed.
•  The waste is disposed of correctly.

Asbestos Roof Over-cladding

To reduce costs and minimize disruption to live sites, Clad-It can install a specialist roof over-clad system fitted over the existing asbestos cement roof. This system consists of a metal bracket system, cladding roll insulation, and is completed with a new profiled metal cladded roof. The roof can be complimented with new rooflights and gutter linings to provide a long-term watertight guarantee.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Clad-It is a specialist contractor for the removal and replacement of asbestos cement roofing systems. Upon removal, we can install both built-up metal roofing systems and insulated composite roof panel systems with the associated rooflights and factory-assembled gutters.

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