Expert installations in Wall Cladding

Clad-It are specialists in the installation in a range of market leading wall cladding systems for new build installations, refurbishment and upgrade of aged buildings to make them more aesthetically pleasing, water tight and upgrade them to current part L thermal regulations.

Composite Wall Cladding System

A factory constructed system, composite wall panels consist of a layer of PIR or Rockwool insulation sandwiched between an inner and an outer skin of metal. The panels comprise of tongue and groove jointing, overlap jointing or a proprietary gasket and insert type joint. Once installed, the panels are fully air and watertight. These systems are available in trapezoidal or flat smooth finishes.

Built up wall cladding systems

Built up wall cladding systems consist of an internal profiled metal liner sheet and an outer profiled metal sheet separated by a bar & bracket support system. The system is insulated using glass or mineral wool and is site assembled. A key advantage of the system is that it can accommodate significant thicknesses of insulation to achieve the lowest possible u-values. The system can be curved and achieve interesting designs.

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