Expert installations in Metal Roof Refurbishment

From a detailed on site survey of your existing metal roofing system and guttering, Clad-It can complete a detailed roof survey report to identify all the failures and future failures that require remedial attention to ensure that your metal roofing system remains watertight for many years to come

Metal Roof Refurbishment

At Clad-It, we refurbish existing metal roof systems, utilising specialist products and techniques to restore your metal roofing system to its optimal condition. Our experienced team of professionals can survey your existing metal roofing system and produce a detail scope of works to rectify all areas identified. These scope of works can include, cut edge corrosion treatment, roof fixing replacement, rooflight replacement, gutter lining and roof coating systems.

Cut edge corrosion is a common problem that affects metal roofing systems, leading to the degradation of the edges of the panels. Our team uses the latest techniques and materials to treat and repair cut edge corrosion, ensuring that your metal roof remains in excellent condition.
We also provide roof fixing replacement services, which involve the replacement of damaged or failed and corroded fixings which may jeopardise the integrity of the roofing system. This is an essential part of metal roof refurbishments, as it ensures the stability and durability of your roof.

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In addition, we offer rooflight replacement services, which involve the replacement of old or damaged rooflights with new, high-quality GRP/Polycarbonate systems. This helps to improve the lighting and energy efficiency of your building, while also enhancing its appearance.

Finally, we offer gutter lining services, which involve the installation of a new gutter lining system to protect your gutters from leaks and corrosion. This is an important part of metal roof refurbishments, as it helps to ensure the longevity and performance of your metal roofing system.

At Clad-It, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to metal roof refurbishments. That’s why we have rigorous safety protocols in place to ensure that all work is carried out safely and efficiently. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced, ensuring that your metal roof refurbishment project is completed to the highest standards.

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