Expert installations in Metal Roofing

Clad-it are experts in the installation of metal roofing systems. Our experienced team specialises in composite panels, built up systems and specialist low pitched solutions.

Metal roofing systems are commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings and often incorporate a percentage of rooflights to provide natural daylight into the building.

Our highly skilled workforce installs these products on both roof refurbishment projects and new build sites across the UK.

Composite panels

A factory constructed system, composite roof panels consist of a layer of PIR or rockwool type insulation sandwiched between an inner and an outer skin of metal. Once installed, the panels are fully air and watertight. A wide variety of finishes are available to suit project requirements. The key advantage of this solution is speed of installation being a one component build-up. These systems are often installed with factory assembled rooflight panels to provide natural daylight into the building.

Built-up roofing systems

Built-up metal roofing systems consist of an internal profiled metal liner sheet and an outer profiled metal sheet separated by a bar & bracket support system. The system is insulated using glass or mineral wool and site assembled. The system can be installed with rooflight panels to the liner panel and the outerskin to provide natural daylight into the building. A key advantage of the system is that it can accommodate significant thicknesses of insulation to achieve the lowest possible u-values. The system can be installed to curved shapes whilst tapering of the roof sheets is also possible to achieve interesting designs. A wide range of materials, thicknesses and colours are available to suit the specific project requirements.

Low Pitch roofing systems

Low pitched roofing systems are available for roof structures below 4 degrees in pitch. Contact our office to discuss a range of roof cladding products to suit these requirements.

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