Thermal Imaging


We use thermal imaging technology to complete a full scan of your flat roofing system and identify trapped moisture.

Thermal Imaging / Infra red roof scanning

Thermal imaging cameras are used in roofing to detect heat held by moisture in a roof build-up / roofing system. This is detected via a difference between the radiant heat loss after heat gain stops which creates thermal anomalies, these heat patterns across the roof surface are identified by the thermal imaging camera detecting infrared heat emitted and converting it to visible light.

An infra-red scan is usually performed during warm weather after the sun has set. Throughout the day the sun will have heated the roof build-up and after sun set dry sections of the roof will begin to cool. The areas of trapped moisture, also referred to as wet areas will hold the heat more which will form hot spots with the thermal imager.

Infra scanning can also be completed in colder temperatures and readings are based on the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. In this thermal survey process the wet roof insulation has a higher thermal conductivity than dry insulation and when the building is heated internally the wet insulation will transfer more heat out of the building than dry insulation to identify defective areas of the flat roofing system.

Clad-IT carry the latest thermal imaging technology and can completed a detailed thermal roof scan of your existing flat roofing system to indentify failed and defective areas of your roof insulation.



The benefits of thermal imaging:

  • Accurate effective results
  • Utilizing the latest infared software
  • Detailed roof survey reports provided
  • Core samples taken to confirm results
  • Large roof areas can be completed in 1 Day

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