Roof Safety Audit


By conducting an onsite roof appraisal we can design and install roof safety systems to make your roof access requirements fully health and safety compliant.

Roof Safety Audit

In recent years health and legislation has placed greater onus on clients, managers and building owners to be more responsible for the Health and Safety of people working at height on their buildings.

Often this was overcome by people completing roof maintenance using the 2 metre rule and staying away from the edges of the building by 2 metres. This process of works is no longer deemed safety and any distance where there is a possibility of a slip or fall needs to be protected.

Clad-IT can provide new and existing clients with roof safety systems to make their roof maintenance and access to roof level fully health and safety compliant to comply with these regulations.

By completing a roof survey Audit we can discuss the access requirement that you are trying to achieve and provide you with solution that will fulfil these needs completely.

Safe roof access is designed with passive protection in the form of physical barriers, rails and can include Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint, The appropriate Steps, Ladders or Gantrys will be integrated into the design and installation to provide access and egress from these systems.

As specialist roofing contractors Clad-IT will ensure that your design and Installation will comply to CDM obligations to make accessing your roof area fully compliant.



The benefits of roof safety audit:

  • Fully conversant with health and safety regulations
  • A large range of roof access products
  • Designed and installed to currently CDM requirements
  • Systems are fully galvanised or stainless steel for low maintenance
  • On site training can be provided
  • Annual inspections can be provided to keep within certification

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