Roof Maintenance


A leaking roof can cause disruption, stock damage and major health and safety issues to many businesses.

Roof Maintenance

A leaking roof can cause disruption, stock damage and major health and safety issues to many businesses. Damage to machinery and other expensive equipment can quickly halt a company’s operations and productivity providing costly events.

Clad-IT provide a range of roof maintenance packages and service level agreements to help clients remain watertight and roof leak free. Roof maintenance is a cost-effective process for a building’s fabric and has been proven to prolong the lifespan of  roof coverings saving our clients’ money in the short and long-term.

Roof Maintenance Contracts

Just like a mechanical product that requires an annual service, roof coverings require maintenance to ensure that it continues to perform and protect and keep businesses protected from the elements. Very few insurance policies cover a poorly maintained roof, meaning your company could suffer the full cost and consequences of a roof failure.

Here at Clad-IT we recommend you carry out a minimum of bi-annual roofing maintenance and roof inspections on your site. Our professional roofing team will conduct a detailed survey of your roof and cladding areas. Clad-IT can then present you with a detailed photographic roofing report with short, medium and long-term options to keep your building leak free and watertight.

Carrying out Reactive roof maintenance, Planned roof maintenance and Preventative Roof Maintenance are critical to prevent large capital costs. This helps our clients budget for their roofing requirements fitting in with your business plans and budget and therefore eliminating expensive short term hazards and unforeseen costs.

Gutter Drainage and Cleaning

Due to our ever changing weather conditions we often have upto one months volume of rainfall in one day.Our diverse weather delivers  flash flooding, heavy rain and snow which are real hazards that should be taken into consideration.

By planning a regular service to your building fabric, we are able to execute roof maintenance including keeping your gutters clear. Clean and clear gutters provide maximum flow rate and the effective discharging via the rainwater downpipes. This ensures that rainwater is draining away quickly and the flow remaining clear, this prevents valley gutters from over-spilling which can have a detrimental effect on the business operations internally within the building.

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