Professional Roof Survey


Clad-It complete a range of flat and pitched roofing surveys to all types of commercial, industrial and retail buildings.

Professional Roof Surveys

With over 100 years of combined roofing experience Clad-IT can conduct complex and detailed visual roof surveys and provide expert advice and solutions for your roofing requirements.

On a professional roof survey Clad-IT can assess your any current water ingress issues and relate these back to your existing roof covering and the trends that occur due to the existing roofing systems age and condition.

Where and when possible Clad-IT will provide a range of cost effective remedial repairs, retrofitted remedial systems and maintenance techniques to bring your roof up to an acceptable and watertight condition.

When looking at flat roofing systems Clad-IT have am in house range of roof diagnostic techniques and equipment to identify roofing defects, sources of water ingress and can conduct complex roof surveys to provide a detailed roof plan grid referenced with all the defective roof areas.

From our detailed roof surveys, we provide clients with a systematic approach to suit their budgetary requirements.

Our professional roof surveys are provided with a range of categorised recommendations:


Repairs that are urgent and require to be carried out immediately


Repairs that are essential be carried out within the next year


Repairs to be carried out within the next 1-3 years.


Repairs of a more aesthetic nature and/or those which do not require to be carried out within the immediate future.


For all your commercial, industrial and retail roofing requirements Clad-IT are always available to provide experienced and professional roof surveys, roof appraisals and roof condition reports. Contact Clad-IT for your roofing requirements and join many happy and watertight clients.

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A Clad-It Professional Roof Survey includes:

  • Qualified and Experienced roof surveyors
  • Detailed photographic roofing report
  • Solutions to your water ingress issues
  • Options for roof repairs
  • Options for roofing maintence
  • Capital Costs for roof overlays and roof replacements

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