Moisture Mapping


Moisture Mapping is an excellent roof diagnostic technique to provide and locate trapped moisture within your existing roofing system.


Leaking roofs are one of industry’s most persistent and costly problems that a building owner faces. The loss of insulating properties, structural deterioration and damage to interiors caused by these leaks cost owners of flat, built-up roofs millions of pounds every year.

Furthermore, wet floors within a building provide hazardous conditions and the likely hood of a health and safety incident via a slip or fall can cause further disruption to the business or operation.

When it comes to assessing the roof often the wrong advice is provided and a large expense is wasted because the entire roof is removed when only a portion of it needs replacing.

Using the latest Roof Reading technology Clad-IT can moisture scan the existing roof covering and present a full roof map to our client of the areas of roof that are defective and require replacement.

Although nuclear testing is significantly more labour intensive than infrared analysis, nuclear moisture surveys can be performed during the day and in various kinds of weather.

Its unique ability to deeply penetrate roof materials makes it an invaluable tool for evaluating internal roof condition.

For roof reports, roof surveys, roof diagnostics and roof leak detection call Clad-IT for professional flat roofing advice and professional roof surveys.



Benefits of moisture mapping are:

  • Extremely accurate results
  • Can read upto 300mm in roof depth
  • Saves money on the roof stripping process
  • Detects moisure within the existing roof build up
  • Roof replacement only necessary to the wet roof areas identified
  • Detailed grid referenced roof plans provided

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