Liquid Roof Coatings


Liquid roofing systems provide a fully seamless roof membrane and can be designed as both cold and warm roof designs.

Liquid Roof Coatings

Liquid Roofing Systems are often described as fully cold applied systems and they can be installed even without any heat welding processes. Liquid roofing systems provide a fully seamless roof membrane and can be designed as both cold and warm roof designs.

Seamless roof coatings have high levels of elasticity that cure into flexible waterproof coatings designed to adjust to fixings, seams, welds and joints.

Liquid roofing can be applied to various materials including felt, concrete, asbestos, metal and more. They provide long lasting protective seamless solutions for all types of flat and pitched roofs including skid inhibiting walkways and balcony systems.

The Benefits of Seamless liquid roof coatings

A Liquid roof coating system has many advantages over traditional types of waterproofing particularly within the roof refurbishment market sector. With being a fully cold applied installation, a liquid coating offers a fully seamless roof finish. Cold applied liquid roof coatings provide permanently elastic, seamless membrane and is ideal for long term waterproofing of awkward roof details such as pipe penetrations, upstands and gutters. These characteristics also make the system a perfect choice for the longterm protection of balconies, terraces and patios and can be integrated with a range of aggregates to provide slip inhibiting finishes.

Liquid Coating Systems will bond to a vast range of existing roof substrates and Clad-IT in conjuntion with our manufacturing partners can complete adhesion tests prior to the roofing installation for peace of mid. The roof overlay process saves time and avoids the costly roof removal process.

Benefits of the Liquid roofing systems

  • Forms a waterproof, seamless membrane
  • Single components and fully built up insulated systems.
  • Tough, long life membranes, glass fibre reinforced
  • Materials and workmanship guarantees of upto 30 years
  • High performance thermal and UV stable elastomeric polyurethane
  • Easy application by roller, brush or airless spray
  • Excellent adhesion to most roof substrates
  • Controlled film thickness
  • Can be applied to damp substrates

Clad-IT are specialist installers of a range of Polyurethane roof coating systems, MMA coating systems and the latest PMMA coating systems. They all carry BBA certification and in partnership with our manufacturers we can provide material and workmanship guarantees of upto 30 years.

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