Electronic Leak Detection


Clad-It have the latest electronic leak detection devices to provide and detect your roof defects.

Electronic leak detection

Electronic leak detection also referred to as ‘wet testing’ is a method of testing the integrity of any flat roof or low pitched roof. The test is performed in wet conditions or by using a hose to create a wet area.

The detection system emits pulses which are conducted onto the flat roof covering using a ring circuit. With most flat roof covering be conductive, the electrical pulse generated finds a path across the wet area the location of the leak. The current then flows over the damp roof in all directions to reach the ring circuit.

The source identified is the exact route of water ingress which is creating roof failure of the existing waterproofing membrane.

Dry testing

Dry testing is an alternative electronic leak detection that can also be used on any flat or low pitched roof to identify defects failures and defects in the waterproofing membrane. This system allows a quicker testing process for identifying defective areas which may be splits, pinholes or punctures to the roofing system

The testing is completed utilising a phosphor-bronze brush and a stabilised DC current to detect across the membrane. Roof failures are identified by an audible tone and a visual spark from the electrode brush.

Leak Detection
Leak Detection
Leak Detection


Electronic Leak Detection benefits are:

  • Wet and Dry testing methods
  • Fast accurate results
  • Can identify the smallest of defects to roof membranes
  • A full photographic roofing report provided
  • Cost effective
  • A complete nationwide service

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