Drainage Survey


Clad-IT can complete detailed diagnostic drainage surveys to provide you with the confidence you need in your drainage systems.

Drainage Survey

In Partnership with their supply chain Clad-IT can complete detailed diagnostic Drainage Surveys to provide you with the confidence you need in your drainage systems. A full drain investigation is recommended on large refurbishment projects to prevent potential issues, environment issues and to ensure that rainwater is discharging effectively away from your building.

When drainage issues occur, it is often difficult to pinpoint and identify the issues without accessing both the roof rainwater systems and by conducting a CCTV drain survey below ground.

Many clients have little information on the drainage for their building and our drainage survey produces them a drainage map and plan for future maintenance purposes.

When conducting drainage surveys, we utilize the latest cameras and software to conduct a detailed survey. Upon completion of the survey we can supply a comprehensive report and DVD to show the condition of your drains.

A detailed schematic plan of the drainage system is always included within all drainage reports. Any defects identified are highlighted and recommendations to repair are proposed along with associated costs.

A floor plan will be created referencing all the manhole covers for future identification purposes along with an internal photograph for each manhole accessed and surveyed within the area. Manhole reference numbers will correspond to those given on the video footage and the following information will be provided:

  • Invert depths from the manhole cover to each pipe entering or leaving the manhole.
  • The diameter for all pipes entering or leaving the manhole.
  • A condition survey of the manhole inspection of the cover and frame.
  • Drawings of the manhole location detailing all connection points, their orientation and flow direction.

As part of a full roof survey a drainage survey plays a vital role in the performance of the roof repair, roof refurbishment and roof renewal scheme to ensure rainwater is being from roof level effectively. Clad-IT can provide a full drainage survey, drainage report and regular drainage maintenance to provide long-term watertight buildings.



The benefits of Drainage reports and drainage plans are that they provide detailed and essential information including:

  • Detailed location of drainage runs
  • Drainage pipework condition
  • Diameters of the pipework
  • Pipework materials
  • Hidden connections
  • Any defects to the pipework

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