Core Sampling


Core samples are taken across flat roofing systems to identify the current roof build up and moisture content.

Core Sampling

When completing a detailed flat roof survey we would always recommend that a series of core samples are completed by our experienced roof surveyors.

A core sample is executed by cutting through the roof build-up down to the deck of the existing deck.

Once this has been executed we will insert a moisture probe to find out the moisture content of the roof build-up.

Upon completed the cores we be backfilled and made fully weathertight with a membrane, liquid coating or similar.

Clad-IT provide professional flat roofing surveys and from these surveys we can advise on a range of options to repair, overlay or replacement of your existing waterproofing system.

Contact Clad-IT to discuss your flat roof requirements and to discuss the your survey requirements.

core sampling
core sampling
core sampling


The benfits of core sampling are:

  • To indentify the current roof build-up
  • To advise on the current ā€˜Uā€™ Value of the roof build-up
  • To assess how well bonded the existing roof covering is
  • To identify the roof deck material
  • To check for any asbestos containing materials
  • To confirm if roof moisture is present

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