Asbestos Roof Repairs


Clad-It Provide a series of remedial roof repair techniques to keep your asbestos roof covering water tight and prolong its life expectancy.


When our clients do not have the capital expenditure available for a major roof refurbishment to their asbestos roof covering, Clad-IT provide a series of remedial roof repair techniques to help keep them watertight.

From a detailed visual roof survey via own MEWP vehicles or by our specialist remote controlled drone technology, we will complete a detailed survey of the entire roof area.

Depending on the severity of the severity of the roof leaks and the physical condition of the asbestos roof sheets we will us a series of roof repair techniques.

These repair techniques include:

  • Treating and sealing of the roof hook bolts
  • Sheet overlays of the existing asbestos roof sheets with specialist GRP roof panels
  • Gutter cleans
  • Seamless gutter lining systems
  • Reinforced coatings
  • Replacement steel flashings
  • Removing roof vegetation and sources of moisture

Our repair techniques have been used to vastly improve the water integrity of aged asbestos roof coverings and can provide our clients with a much more watertight roofing system whilst capital monies are made available for a longterm cladding system.

Due to the fragile nature of asbestos roof coverings, many of them have not seen any roof maintenance for years and a series of specialist remedial repairs can make vast improvements to regular and persistant roof leaks

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