Asbestos Roof Refurbishment


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About Asbestos Roof Refurbishment

According to the land registry circa 55% of all industrial type properties in the UK were constructed with an Asbestos cement roof. 75% of the asbestos roofs ever installed are believed to be still in situe today.

It’s very easy to identify an asbestos roof if no works have been completed to the roofcovering from its contoured outline and a grey / buff colour. These roof panels are mostly constructed from Asbestos cement and usually contain Chrysotile which is a white asbestos fibre.

These Asbestos cement products are classed as fairly low risk as the asbestos fibres are contained within the cement which added strength and water resistance to enhance the products performance.

Over the years these products deteriorate rapidly and become porous and prone to leaks.

The causes of deterioration of Corrugated Asbestos Cement roof cladding coverings are numerous:

  •  Weathering
  • Ageing
  • Water and SO2 / CO2 / Frost
  • Hydration and wet / dry cycle
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Failure of fixings / seals to fixings
  • Mechanical damage

The following photographs of Corrugated Asbestos Cement samples viewed under a fluorescent microscope clearly show the breakdown of the structural integrity of a cladding sheet over its 30 year life.


Asbestos Roof Refurbishment

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