As specialists in cladding (Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham), you can be confident that should you choose CLAD-IT for your roof cladding, your project is in the hands of true experts.

We provide a range of different roof cladding systems, including new installations and refurbishments to existing cladding. We are more than happy to share our wealth of experience and knowledge with our customers, ensuring you find the perfect cladding for your purposes.

The types of cladding we offer

roof claddingMany people think that “cladding” is a singular product, but there are actually many different types of roof cladding systems– and we’re able to work with them all. Here’s a look at the cladding we use in our installations and refurbishments:

  • Insulated composite panels. These panels — which care often referred to as “roof sandwich panels” are a fast, effective way of installing roof cladding to your building. This type of cladding is a single component, allowing for quick installation. These roof panel systems are sourced from British manufacturers such as TATA and Kingspan, and come complete with guarantees that last up to 40 years.
  • Twinskin roofing systems. These panels are lower in cost to purchase, but take longer to install, which can cause labour costs to rise. We recommend that our clients choose composite panel systems on refurbishment projects over Twinskin options, though we are happy to discuss your specific needs.
  • Single skin anti-condensation roof sheeting. If your building is experiencing issues with condensation, a roof refurbishment that includes this form of cladding is by far the best option. The special anti-condensation layer helps to protect the items inside the building.
  • Standing seam systems. These vertical panels can be used to create a curved roof design for aesthetic purposes.

Why choose us?

We’re not the only roof cladding company, but we are the best. Here are a few reasons you should choose CLAD-IT for your roof cladding projects:

  • Our years of experience have allowed us to develop excellent relationships with the major cladding manufacturers, helping us to ensure fast delivery times for our customers. If you’re in a rush, we’re the company to call.
  • We offer workmanship guarantees on the cladding that we install. If you experience any issues with your cladding installation, then you can be confident we will rectify the problem. Our guarantees last for up to 12 years, ensuring complete financial protection for you and your company.
  • As well as installing and refurbishing roof cladding, our experience ensures we can assist with the most complex of roof design challenges and ensure a result that will delight you.